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Industrial Training System for the Modern Enterprise Maintenance

Modern enterprises seeking to improve engineering asset lifecycle management need adequately trained staff.

The iLearn2Main project aims to bring the right innovative training and e-training tools to the right people, in order to improve Maintenance Management practice.

iLearn2Main is funded by the Education & Training Directorate of the European Commission, through the UK National Authority of the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme.

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The iLearn2Main Project organised the "E-learning in Maintenance" interactive e-Training workshop during the 3rd FETEC - Industrial Equipment International Exhibition on Saturday 7th November in Athens. Click here to find more about the workshop.

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The iLearn2Main Project organised an interactive e-Training workshop during the 4th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2009) that was held in Athens 28-30 September 2009.

Click here to find more about the workshop or click here and here to find out more about the WCEAM Congress.

The workshop was jointly organised by the iLearn2Main project, the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Technology Platform M4SM - 'Maintenance for Sustainable Manufacturing' and the Hellenic Maintenance Society.

The iLearn2Main Project announces the availability of the new Maintenance Management e-Training Courses Curriculum.
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